Les Fauves (2020)

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Synopsis: With Adolf Hitler’s Wehrmacht facing imminent defeat, the so-called “lightning girls”–nurses, secretaries, housewives, and ordinary women from all over Germany–rushed to answer the nation’s call to arms. Now, against the unstoppable Red Army, the loyal female disciples of the Swastika must do everything in their power to boost the morale of the German front-line officers, including offering their young bodies to the battle-scarred soldiers. But, what happens if the secret army of pleasure is inclined to have too much fun?

Title..........: Les Fauves (2020)
Release date...: September 25 2020
Language.......: French
Format.........: Mp4
Resolution.....: 360p || 480p || 720p
Movie Size.....: 350mb || 516mb || 881mb
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Views:1,804 views
Genre: Feature, Mature
Duration: 97 Min

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